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  • How long after dissolving my lips, can I then book an appointment to fill them?
    After dissolving your lips, please wait 1-2 weeks after to fill them. Depending on how quickly your body heals, waiting for all underlying trauma to heal is crucial so swelling is not taken as asymmetry the day of treatment.
  • What products do you offer?
    We currently offer the following products: Juvederm Ultra XC Juvederm Voluma XC Juvederm Volbella XC Juvederm Vollure XC Versa Restylane Lyft Sculptra RHA 4 RHA 3 Daxxify Newtox Dysport Botox VI Peels
  • How should I care for my lips after lip fillers?
    GIVE YOUR LIPS 4 FULL WEEKS TO HEAL. Two weeks is not enough. Do not pucker for 7 days- No straws, water bottles, smoking, kissing and no funny business with your partners! Do not take any anti inflammatory medications, vitamins or drink alcohol for 3 days after. Ice the first two days. No makeup on or around the treatment site for 24 hours after treatment. Please contact us directly if any lumps/bumps have been noted post treatment for further instructions. Do not be startled if uneven swelling is present. This will subside on its own as you continue to heal.
  • What is your pricing for lip fillers?
    You can see our full pricing list & details here.
  • Do you take walk-ins?
    Unfortunately, we do not take walk-ins. Please give us a call to book your appointment. Phone: 1(818) 600-8126
  • Do injections hurt?
    Generally no. We provide complimentary topical numbing cream to our patients. The products come premixed with anesthetic. After your first few pokes you barely feel a thing.
  • Do you treat for excessive sweating?
    Yes we do! Ask your injector for more details.
  • Do you treat for TMJ?
    Yes we do! Ask your injector for more details.
  • What is post-care for treatment areas treated with FILLERS? (I.e- cheeks, chin, jawline, nasolabial folds)"
    Do not wear make up for 24 hours. Do not sleep on the treated areas for ONE week. Yes, this may require you to sleep on your back. Do not push on the area or try to flatten anything out unless instructed to do so. Ice only if instructed.
  • What is post-care for treatment areas treated with BOTULINTOXIN? (I.e- Jeuveau, Botox, Dysport)"
    Do not wear make up for 24 hours. Do not push on the treatment area. Do not exercise, bend forward for long periods of time or lay back for 4 hours post treatment.
  • How soon should I start botulin toxin treatments?
    Treating expression lines as a preventative measure to avoid expression lines etching into the skin and being visible without expression is the best time to start.
  • How long does my botulin toxin treatment last?
    It is best to seek treatment once the lines are visible with expression again. Depending on the patients anatomy and metabolism, the general rule of thumb is every 3-4 months. Some patients may require to be seen sooner than 3 months and some later than 4 months.
  • How long does my filler treatment last?
    Depending on the treatment area, the quantity of product and the product used, treatments can last anywhere from 6-18 months. Some people may need to come in sooner than 6 months and some people can extend past 18 months for additional or touch up treatments.
  • How can I get a brow lift?
    Brow lifts are possible with Botox, fillers and PDO threads depending on what best suites your anatomy and goal. Ask your injector for more details!
  • How many syringes would I need for contouring my lower face (jawline and chin)?
    Depending on the product, your anatomy and goal, the lower face usually requires 4-7 syringes. For some patients they may require more while other patients may require less.
  • How often do I have to treat my lips?
    If you are a first time patient, treatments may need to be more frequent to get to the size and shape you’d like to maintain even after swelling has subsided. For such patients, check in with your injector every 1-3 months regularly to see if additional treatment is possible. For those who have built with multiple treatments in the past already, touch ups every 5-12 months for maintenance may be necessary.
  • Will 1/2ml make a difference for my lips?
    In rare cases possibly. We like to reserve our 1/2ml treatments for touch up patients. For first time patients we generally recommend a full ml for optimal results.
  • What products do you use for the lips?
    Depending on the patient anatomy and goal, we use Restylane, Versa and Juvederm products. Yes, they are all hyaluronic acid gels and can be combined with one another.
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